The OPPO BDP-103AU and BDP-105AU share the same primary components (including the mainboard, laser, and loader) for superb audio and video playback, and while the BDP-103AU and BDP-105AU are identical in performance when it comes to audio and video over HDMI, the BDP-105AU offers a number of enhancements:

  1. The BDP-105AU features improved sound quality from its analogue audio outputs with its implementation of dual 32-bit ESS Technology digital-to-analogue converters, a toroidal power supply, and two sets of dedicated stereo analogue outputs (balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA) for 2-channel enthusiasts. Customers who do a great deal of critical music listening using a very high end analogue connected system will benefit most from these additions.
  2. The BDP-105AU features a headphone amplifier for use with high-quality headphones.
  3. The BDP-105AU features three additional digital audio inputs: optical, coaxial, and a 2-channel asynchronous USB DAC input.

Furthermore, the BDP-105AU is graced with additional aesthetic and ergonomic enhancements that include a larger 4.8 inch tall chassis, sculpted aluminium front panel, touch sensitive front-panel playback controls, availability of an optional rack mount kit, and availability in Black or Silver.