Release Information:

Release date: December 5th, 2013. 
Category: Latest Public Beta Test Release

Main Version: BDP10XAU-67-1120B

How to Get the Public Beta Firmware Upgrade:

There are two easy ways to upgrade your player's firmware.

1. USB Thumb Drive - Use your computer and a USB thumb drive.
2. Firmware Upgrade Disc - Use your computer to make a firmware upgrade disc.

Note: Although upgrading your firmware is an easy and usually trouble-free process, it is important to ensure that the power supply to the player is stable, and the upgrade process is not interrupted. A failed firmware upgrade can render the player unusable.

This release is still a beta test version, not an official release. Use it only if you would like to experiment with the new features and improvements. There is a very small chance of the new features and improvements not working properly. If that happens, please report any issue to us.

Release Notes:

This version is designed for the OPPO BDP-103AU and BDP-105AU Blu-ray Disc players.

Special Notice:

    1. Once this Public Beta firmware is installed on the player, you can revert back to the previous Official release via a USB thumb drive. There will be no issues upgrading to any future official or beta firmware release.
    2. Due to the extensive changes in this major firmware update, it is required that the user performs a "Reset Factory Defaults" operation after the firmware is installed. Please write down your special settings before doing this, and remember to re-apply your settings and adjust the proper volume level (if applicable) before you play any content. You may experience stability issues if this step is not performed.


Comparing to the version BDP10X-60-0910, the major changes included in this version are:
1. This Public Beta firmware is designed to work with new versions of Apple iOS and Android media control applications, which add new features like SMB access, album art display, media category support, and the ability to share information to mainstream social network websites. The MediaControlHD V2.0.2 (for iPad and iPad mini) is already in the App Store, and another version for the iPhone, as well as a corresponding Android app, will be available shortly.
2. Added support for MKV files with PGS subtitles.
3. Added Zoom functionality to video content sent through the HDMI IN ports.
4. Upgraded the "CinemaNow" and "YouTube" applications.
5. Resolved a frame rate decoding error for 24 Hz video files. Customers reported that after upgrading to the BDP10X-58-0917 firmware, many MKV, M2TS and TS files which were encoded as 23.976 Hz were decoded as 29.970 Hz. This issue has been resolved.
6. Added the "Power On Volume" and "Maximum Volume" selections for the Multi-channel and the Stereo (BDP-105 only) audio outputs. Both selections are available at the Setup Menu -> Audio Processing.
7. Added the "Power On Input" selection which allows the customer to decide which input source should be used when the player powers on. This selection is available at the Setup Menu -> Playback Setup.
8. Added the "Settings Management" selection which allows the customer to backup or restore the player’s settings. This selection is available at the Setup Menu -> Device Setup. A USB flash drive is required for this purpose, and the backup file is encrypted to only allow access from OPPO Technical Support.
9. Added the “4Kx2K Output” selection to Setup Menu -> Video Setup with two settings: “Auto” and “Forced”. The “Auto” setting will upscale 24 Hz content to 4K if the connected display supports a 4K input. The “Forced” setting will output a 4K signal regardless of whether or not the player detects a 4K display and irrespective of the original source format.
10. Added the "Auto" mode when choosing the SACD output audio format. This mode is available at the Setup Menu -> Audio Format Setup -> SACD Output.
11. Added support for automatic file and folder sorting when accessing SMB servers. The files and folders are now sorted in alphabetic order.
12. Improved support for CUE playlists. Now, a single CUE file can point to multiple music files in the same folder.
13. Resolved a playback issue with several DVD-Audio discs. Customers reported that after upgrading to the BDP10X-58-0917 firmware, some DVD-Audio discs would play for a few seconds then the player was locked up, and all you heard was white noise. Samples include “Elvis: 30 #1 Hits”, “Bruckner: Symphony No. 7”, “Dream Theater”, “Nightwish: Once”, as well as discs self-authorised using “HD-Audio Solo Ultra” program.
14. Resolved an incorrect audio Downmix issue with the Stereo audio outputs (BDP-105 only). Customers reported that after setting "Stereo Signal" to "Front Left/Right", they could hear surround channel audio from the dedicated Stereo audio outputs. This issue has been resolved.
15. Resolved a visible streaking issue observed on the BDP-103D player. Customers reported that after turning on the Darbee processing, they could see streaks or stripes in the background details, which became more obvious after increasing the Darbee level or switching to Full-Pop mode. This issue has been resolved in the beta release.
16. Resolved a multi-channel DSD support issue when using Dual Display mode. Customers reported that if they connected the HDMI 1 Out to a TV and the HDMI 2 Out to a DSD-capable receiver, the receiver could only recognise the Front Left and Front Right channels even if the players were reading a multi-channel SACD. This issue has been resolved.
17. For the BDP-103D player, this firmware added three commands (QDB, SDB and DRB) to the RS-232 protocol for Darbee control. It also provided finer control over the Darbee level adjustment (in 1% increments).
18. Added an experimental "Gapless Playback" feature. Currently, this feature only works for WAV and APE music files, and can be enabled in the music file navigation interface by pressing the OPTION button and then selecting the "Gapless Playback" option. In Gapless Playback mode, you may use buttons like PAUSE, PLAY, STOP, NEXT and PREV, but not REV and FWD. This feature is still under development and may be improved in future firmware releases.
19. Resolved a compatibility issue with some DVD/BD blank discs. Customers reported that their self-burnt DVD or BD discs failed to load and play on the OPPO players. Samples include Verbatim DVD+R DL 8.5G and BD-R DL 50GB blank discs. This firmware upgraded the software driver for the disc loader and resolved this issue.
20. General disc compatibility improvements based on recent and upcoming Blu-ray releases as well as user-submitted disc samples, sample title includes "The Longest Day (Blu-ray, 2012)".

All features and improvements of the previous firmware are also included in this version.


Firmware Upgrade Instructions:

Note: Since this is a public beta test version, it cannot be installed using the "Via Network" upgrade method. Please choose the "Via USB" or "Via Disc" method instead. Alternatively, you can wait for this beta test version to be qualified as an official release version, and then perform an update to the latest official release via the Internet.


Firmware Upgrade via a USB Thumb Drive

    1. Click here to download the BIN file for firmware version: BDP10XAU-67-1120B.
    2. Insert a USB thumb drive to the computer that stores the downloaded BDP10X.bin file. (The USB drive must be in FAT or FAT32 format, not NTFS. If you are not sure, just use a new USB drive that is 2GB or smaller since small drives are usually factory-formatted in FAT/FAT32.) Verify that the BIN file is in the root/main directory of the USB drive, not contained within any other folder.
    3. Remove the USB drive from the computer.
    4. Turn on your TV display and the OPPO player. Eject the disc tray from the OPPO player and remove any disc. Make sure that there is no other USB drive connected to the player.
    5. Insert the USB drive containing the firmware file to a USB port on the player's front or back panel.
    6. The player usually can recognise the firmware file and prompt you for firmware upgrade. In case the player does not prompt you, press the SETUP button on the remote control to enter the setup menu. Select Device SetupFirmware Upgrade, and then Via USB.
    7. Please follow the on-screen instructions to complete the firmware upgrade process. Use the remote control to respond to on-screen prompts. Do not use the front panel buttons because the front panel buttons will stop working during the upgrade process.
    9. In order to complete the firmware upgrade process, the player will turn off automatically. Unplug the USB drive after the player turns itself off.
    10. Turn on the player again, a new on-screen prompt of "Reset Factory Defaults" will show. It is optional but recommended to reset the player settings by selecting "Reset Factory Defaults".
    11. Check the new firmware version by going to the setup menu, and then selecting Device Setup - Firmware Information. If you notice that the firmware versions displayed do not match the versions listed in this release note, please contact us to obtain the firmware files that are missing from a previous update.
    12. Enter your customised settings as necessary.
    13. Congratulations! You have just completed the firmware upgrade. Erase or discard the firmware file so you do not accidentally install the firmware again.